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Sleeze Brothers Return!

The Sleeze Brothers - Image Edition Cover

The Sleeze Brothers are back! Those anarchic, lunatic and downright shady PIs, the creation of John Carnell and Andy Lanning back in the 1980s, are being given a brush up (and probably, a good spanking) just in time for their 20th anniversary. The return of the Sleeze Brothers is the work Comicraft’s publishing arm, Active Images, which recently remastered David ... Read More »

Crossovers That Never Happened: The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors by Lee Sullivan

… The Two Doctors in question being Doctor Who and Doctor Strange. It was TV Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel who proposed a Doctor Who/ Doctor Strange crossover and submitted a plot to me around 1991/92, about the same time as he was writing Evening’s Empire, a six-part story for Doctor Who Magazine drawn by Richard Piers Rayner that ran ... Read More »

Jack Kirby Quarterly Returns

We knew Dez Skinn, former editor of Comics International, Warrior and many more Brtitish comics titles couldn’t keep away from good old print journalism forever. His next project is the 15th anniversary special of the world’s first-ever magazine devoted to the work of the King of Comics: Jack Kirby. The new Jack Kirby Quarterly #15 is the brainchild of Chrissie ... Read More »

Read More Calvin and Hobbes, Government Urges

(with thanks to Matthew Badham for the initial lead): The British government says young boys should be encouraged to read Calvin and Hobbes and comic-book annuals such as the Dandy and Beano to get them into the reading habit young and help them to keep up with girls’ at school. That’s the message from government adviser Chris Brown, reported in ... Read More »

US Comic, Graphic Novel Sales Down

Comics trade site ICV2 reports sales of periodical comics in the US declined in May – the fourth month sales have dropped in a row, posting a 6% drop compared with sales in May of 2007 when, led by the Death of Captain America, some 15 titles sold over 100,000 copies (versus just 7 in May 2008). Marvel’s Secret Invasion ... Read More »

Hulk Goes Mobile

Marvel and Hands-On Mobile, producers of Guitar Hero and Iron Man for mobile phones, have released a new mobile game and personalization content around the latest big-screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk, which has been getting positive reviews as a straight forward action movie on its release. The game and content are currently available on select carriers worldwide. “The Hulk ... Read More »

Titan Celebrates Golden Age Comics Legends

Titan Books have announced the acquisition of the rights to a series of books celebrating the life and work of US Golden Age creator Joe Simon and his collaborations with comics legend Jack Kirby. The first volume in the set, scheduled for Spring 2009 release, is an illustrated autobiography, Joe Simon, The Man Behind the Comics, followed by The Best ... Read More »

It’s Batman!

Here’s a gem from YouTube: a trailer for the 1943 cinema serial. Batman uses a gun… The poster doesn’t think this is the original trailer that was shown at the time of its original release but from the re-release, back in 1966, when the Batman TV show was going great guns on ABC in the US, and cinemas showed the ... Read More »

Iraq in comics

DMZ by Brian Wood

Over on Slate, there’s a selection of some of the best new comic books commenting on the Iraq war, including a mention for the much-talked about Web comic Shooting War by Anthony Lappé which Warner Books is publishing in 2007 as the first title in its new graphic novel line. With statistics now suggesting the insurgency costing the US some ... Read More »

In Review: Kickback by David Lloyd

Kickback art by David Lloyd

Kickback By David Lloyd Publisher: Dark Horse ISBN: 1 59307 659 2 Joe Canelli is a corrupt cop in a corrupt force in Franklin City, a mythical American metropolis dominated by powerful drug lords. He tries to ignore recurring dreams of powerlessness as he routinely cleans up the little crimes of the city and the little criminals who can’t buy ... Read More »

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