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McBride tribute in The Guardian

Following my news item on the sad death of illustrator Angus McBride recently, The Guardian published a full obituary to Angus yesterday 26 May, written by Steve Holland. In it, William Shepherd of Osprey, the Oxford-based publisher of military history books who utilised the talents of this brilliant artist to the full, recalls “Angus was happiest when there was room ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Angus McBride

I’ve just heard that one of Britain’s best loved and one of the world’s most respected historical illustrators, Angus McBride, died on 15 May 2007 from a heart attack. He was 76. Angus McBride was one of the world’s most respected historical illustrators, who contributed to more than 90 titles for publishing company Osprey over three decades, Look and Learn, ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Brant Parker

God, people will be thinking I’m an incredibly morbid kind of bloke, which isn’t the case at all, but there’s been another death in the comics community. Just days after reporting the death of Italian artist Massimo Belardinelli (2000AD co-0creator Pat Mills has written a terrific tribute to him on the main dtb site) reflecting on the death of Johnny ... Read More »

RIP: Massimo Belardinelli

I’ve just heard that after a long and brave battle against ill health, the great Massimo Belardinelli, who drew Dan Dare for the early issues of 2000AD, died at the end of March in Rome. Another comics giant has passed. Pat Mills once told me Italian comics artist Bellardinelli landed the plum job of drawing Dan Dare after initially offering ... Read More »

Johnny "BC" Hart Dies

76-year-old Johnny Hart, award-winning creator of the popular B.C. comic series and co-creator of The Wizard of Id with Brant Parker, died this weekend. He apparently suffered a stroke while working at his drawing table at home in Nineveh, Broome County New York, according to his wife. A funeral will be held Friday. Hart won several awards for his work ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Jim Cronin

I was very sorry to hear from my Mum last night that ape rescue campaigner Jim Cronin died this week. Jim was the co-founder of Dorset’s Monkey World with his wife Alison, an internationally renowned ape rescue centre I’ve visited twice with my wife. His death at just 55 from liver cancer has left us both shocked and saddened. Even ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Joe Gill

(Thanks to Shaqui): Joe Gill is probably not a name most of British comics fans will be familiar with, but Joe Gill was one of the most prolific US comic writers, mainly for Charlton, and contributed strips to their Space:1999 magazine in the 1970s, as recounted on the Technodelic Gerry Anderson web site A full obituary by Mark Evanier can ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Bryan Pearce

I was very sorry to hear about the passing of artist Bryan Pearce, who died 11 January. My late father was the vicar of St. Ives Parish Church in the 1970s and I recall meeting Bryan as a child on several church occasions and greeting him at our door when he occasionally arrived unannounced, as was his want. Bryan suffered ... Read More »

Farewell to Fluff

He may not have been as influential as John Peel, but I was sorry to hear that DJ Alan Freeman (no relation) has died at 79. It was Freeman – and school friend Tony Corden – who introduced me to Yes and, consequently, those wonderful Roger Dean covers that you sometimes felt were the best thing about some prog rock. ... Read More »

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