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In Memoriam: Gordon Bell

A panel from "Spoofer McGraw" for the Sparky Book, 1972, drawn by Gordon Bell.

We’re sorry to report the passing of another British comics great – comic artist Gordon Bell, whose work most recently appeared in DC Thomson’s Courier newspaper under the byline Fax, but who is fondly remembered by many for his work for The Beano (on strips such as “Pup Parade”) and Sparky (on “Spoofer McGraw”, one of my favourite humour strips). Gordon, ... Read More »

In Memoriam: “Look Out for Lefty” artist Anthony John “Tony” Harding

An opening panel from "Look out for Lefty", drawn by Tony Harding, the controversial strip that featured in Action in the 1970s.

(Updated 24/2/14, adding David Hunt’s comments on Tony’s passing): We’re sorry to report the passing of comic artist Anthony John “Tony” Harding, whose credits across over 30 years in British comics included work for both DC Thomson and IPC Magazines, on comics such as Bullet, Scorcher, Hornet, Action, Roy of the Rovers, Victor and Scoop. Tony, who died in January ... Read More »

In Memoriam: José Ortiz Moya

We’re sorry to report the passing of veteran Spanish artist José Ortiz Moya (best known in the UK as José Ortiz), whose work British comic fans will recall from comics such as Scream, the 1980s Eagle and 2000AD. Reporting his passing, the Spanish newspaper Levante notes Ortiz, who was 81, was a perfectionist as an artist and one of many ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Eagle editor Bob Bartholomew

Bob Batholomew, circa 1949, in his red Singer Le Mans sports car. Photo via Bear Alley.

Bob Bartholomew, who died on 9th October at the age of ninety, became editor of Eagle in late 1962 and remained in charge until its demise in April 1969. He took over at a time of crisis, following Eagle’s dramatic fall in sales after a disastrous revamp in March 1962, after the takeover by the Mirror Group. He quickly made ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Eagle editor Bob Bartholomew

Steve Holland has reported on the passing of Bob Bartholomew, best known to the comics’ world as the editor of Eagle and Boys’ World in the 1960s, who died on Wednesday, 9th October, at the age of 90. “Bob had been kind enough to share his memories of his days working at The Amalgamated Press, Odhams and IPC over the ... Read More »

Artist Colin Andrew: A Tribute by Syd Jordan

As we reported earlier this week, veteran comic artist Colin Andrew recently passed. Here, Syd Jordan pays tribute to this unsung artisan of British comics (and much more)… An episode of Jeff Hawke: Overlord. Jeff Hawke © Daily Express ENVOI In the Eastern Chapel of Golders Green Crematorium, filled to overflowing with family and friends, Colin Andrew’s simple “green” coffin ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Colin Andrew

Colin Andrew. Photo courtesy the New Camden Journal

The following tribute is compiled with grateful thanks to Martin Baines, Gerry Dolan, Martin Griffiths, the Illustration Art Gallery (from where much of the information featured below about Colin’s career was sourced), Steve Holland , the New Camden Journal and Geoff Senior. We’re saddened to report that the British comics industry is one less very talented artist with the loss ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Dalek Designer Raymond Cusick

We’re sorry to report the passing of Raymond Cusick, designer of Doctor Who‘s Daleks, and we thank Nick Abadzis for giving us permission to reproduce his visual tribute, posted on his blog earlier today. While editing Doctor Who Magazine some 20 plus years ago now, I was lucky to encounter Raymond, and fellow early Who designer Barry Newbery, on several ... Read More »

In Memoriam: Charles Chilton (1917–2013)

An obituary by Steve Winders Charles Chilton, who died on January 2nd, was one of British radio’s most innovative and successful contributors. Born in London during the First World War, Charles’ father died in action, without ever meeting his son and his mother died suddenly when he was just six years old. Charles was brought up by his paternal grandmother ... Read More »

Gerry Anderson: A Tribute by Shaqui le Vesconte

This week, a scant eighth of the way into the 21st century that had already been mapped out for many children – and adults – we lost a true icon of British television and film. The hallmark of Gerry Anderson’s most famous and loved series was a setting one hundred years on. Now, at a halfway mark, we are in ... Read More »

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