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One Plastic Carrier Bag, One Careful Star Wars Owner – A Snip at 240 Pounds!

Palitoy Staff Shop Plastic Bag

How many of us have had a grumble at the new 5p carrier bag charge – and that’s for a cheap one? Well, on Wednesday 29th November a vintage carrier bag from the once Palitoy Staff Shop in Coalville went under the hammer at Vectis Auctions and sold for a whopping £240! The “Palitoy “We Care” bag carried logos from ... Read More »

VECTIS massive Star Wars toys auction includes early play set building magazine collection

Woman's Day Book of Best-loved Toys and Dolls - Sample Image

On Black Friday – a day of commercial discounting and special offers that originated with Amazon, it’s perhaps worth remembering that once, a long time ago in decades far, far away there were times when toys were expensive and often only bought for special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas. Cast your mind back then, to 1978, when Star Wars was the latest ... Read More »

New Wonder Woman UK Trailer Released

Here’s the latest official trailer for Wonder Woman – in UK cinemas from 2nd June 2017 – starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielson, Robin Wright, David Thewlis and directed by Patty Jenkins. Based on the DC Comics character created by Harvard-trained psychologist and inventor of the polygraph, William Moulton Marston (under the pseudonym Charles Mouton) his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and artist H. ... Read More »

Exclusive First Look: “Search Destroy” Strontium Dog Fan Film Poster Revealed!

Search and Destroy - Strontium Dog Fan Film Poster SNIP

Search Destroy – a not-for-profit Strontium Dog Fan film inspired by 2000AD‘s mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha – will get its first public screening at Thought Bubble in November. We’re delighted to give you at this first look at the film’s poster, a homage to a private commission the team asked Strontium Dog co-creator Carlos Ezquerra to create for them. From the makers of Judge Minty, ... Read More »

WebFind: Junk Head by Takahide Hori

A scene from Junk Head 1 by Takahide Hori

Japanese director Takahide Hori‘s stunning, award-winning debut animated film, Junk Head 1, above, which took four years to make, and was created as a largely solo effort in his spare time, with no budget and released in 2013. I’ve only just come across this (largely) stop animation quite by chance, but it’s a great SF project set in a disturbing ... Read More »

Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods Finally Reaches British Cinemas

Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods

Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods, is finally released in English in UK cinemas on 19th August, in 3D and 2D. The first Asterix 3D motion picture, initially released in France in 2014, finds Asterix and friends still resisting Roman rule in ancient Gaul. Julius Caesar, exasperated by the situation, decides on a change of tactic: since his armies cannot overthrow them ... Read More »

Justice League, Wonder Woman Teasers Released at San Diego Comic Con

Justice League Assemble - First Look

WB premiered initial footage from Justice League Assemble – due for release 17th November 2017 – at San Diego Comic Con, and you can judge for yourselves whether or not they’ve learnt anything from Batman V Superman debacle. (Well, a debacle for some – it certainly split opinion). Centring largely on Batman as the team builder, the trailer introduces many ... Read More »

Batman: The Killing Joke to get limited US theatrical release

Batman: The Killing Joke Teaser

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Fathom Events are working together to give Batman: The Killing Joke a special, one-night big screen release on Monday 25th July in select cinemas across the US shortly after its world premiere as part of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Adapted from the best-selling graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, the animated feature delves ... Read More »

Birmingham Hosts UK film premiere with an Indie Comics touch in May

Rabbit comic art

Is it a comic?Is it a film? Is it — yes… it’s both! Independent British comics publisher Geeky Comics are about to publish a brand new graphic novel called Rabbit. It’s a project driven by a new comedy film called In Transit you have a chance to see on its premiere in May, all about a comic book writer who is creating ... Read More »

Cats Go Geek with CacaoFurniture’s Cat Houses

CacaoFurntiture TARDIS Cat Box

We all know cats love a cardboard box, right? Well, Bulgarian company CacaoFurniture has run with that in a big way and created a range of cardboard cat houses – some inspired by well known SF icons, including Doctor Who‘s TARDIS, Star Wars and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Hello Kitty. We have absolutely no idea is any of the designs are officially ... Read More »

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