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Sneak Preview: How to Survive in the North by Luke Healy

How to Survive in the North Sample 1

Created by Luke Healy Published by NoBrow Press Full Colour Hardback. 197 pages. £15.99/$22.95 “Weaving together the true life historical expeditions of Ada Blackjack and Robert Bartlett with a contemporary fictional story. How to Survive in the North is a unique and visual narrative journey that shows the strength it takes to survive even the harshest conditions – whether that ... Read More »

In Review: A City Inside by Tillie Walden

Created by Tillie Walden Published by Avery Hill Publishing The Book: A City Inside flashes backwards and forwards through the life of a lonely child as she becomes an adult and struggles to deal with the world around her – and how she shares it with the girl she falls in love with. The Review: As I was writing this ... Read More »

In Review: ​Rivers Of London – Night Witch #2

Rivers Of London: Night Witch #2

Rivers Of London: Night Witch #2 Writers: Ben Aaronovitch & Andrew Cartmel Artist: Lee Sullivan Colorist: Luis Guerrero The Book: Following a disastrous attempt to ‘recruit’ the witch, Vavara, a Russian oligarch turns his sights on Peter Grant and Thomas Nightingale – two of London’s finest policemen and its only wizards – to help recover his  daughter, apparently kidnapped by ... Read More »

In Review: Patience by Daniel Clowes

Created by Daniel Clowes 180 Full Colour Pages £16.99 Published by Jonathan Cape The Story: Jack and Patience are a down on their luck couple. They are poor, but mostly happy and now, out of the blue, are expecting their first kid. But Jack is keeping secrets from his wife and is considering telling her everything when he returns home ... Read More »

Creators @ Edinburgh Comic Con 2016

The weekend of 2/3 April 2016 saw the Edinburgh Comic Con (ECC) return to the Scottish capital for its third year and for the first time to the largest hall at the impressive Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC). This proved to be an excellent choice of venue – modern, spacious, with a selection of refreshment bars, and never too hot, ... Read More »

In Review: Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor #1 (Ongoing)

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 (Ongoing) - Cover C by Adriana Melo

Writer: Cavan Scott Artist: Adriana Melo Colours: Matheus Lopes Lettering: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt Designer: Rob Farmer Publisher: Titan Out: 13 April 2016 (Variant covers available, see our preview for full range) The Comic: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack receive a troubling transmission from another time, which they follow all the way to a planet called ... Read More »

In Review: Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor (Gaze of the Medusa, Part One)

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1 - Cover C by Brian Williamson

Writers: Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie Artist: Brian Williamson Colours: Hi-Fi Letters: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt Designer: Rob Farmer Main Covers: Alice X. Zhang, Will Brooks, Brian Williamson, Jay Gunn, Matt Baxter, Ben Oliver, Blair Shedd and Simon Myers (A number of special covers have also been generated for different comic shops) Publisher: Titan Out: Now The Comic: ... Read More »

In Review: Tales Of The Damned Book 2 Issue 1

Tales Of The Damned Book 2 Issue 1 - Huntress

Writer: John Richard Farman Artist: Will Pickering Publisher: Vital Publishing A new series is being launched by Vital Publishing – and it looks to be quite intriguing. John Farman is expanding on the “Damned Universe” that he has created and is turning the horror trope on its head. In this first issue, The Hounds Of Love, we meet the Vulpe and find ... Read More »

In Review: Eagle Adventure Special #1

Eagle Adventure Special #1 - Cover

Publisher: Hibernia Out: Now I was a reader of the 1980s Eagle from Issue One. My father bought me a copy of that first, glossy issue as he had been a reader of the original comic in the 1950s. I was already a huge comics fan having collected the likes of The Dandy, Warlord, Victor, Commando and the War Picture ... Read More »

In Review: DTHRTL Issue 1

Silent comics – so difficult to review, yet the good ones can be so compelling that they deserve to be reviewed, and Bob Turner’s DTHRTL (that is Death Rattle to the non-text savvy amongst us) is definitely deserving of a review. Issue 1 introduces readers to our hero (remember that this is a silent comic so there are no names of people or ... Read More »

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