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Cosplay Is NOT Consent – By Colin Noble

Avengers cosplayers Rachael Barney, Rich Oliver, Alexis Kaisharis and Chris Mallarkey. Photo © K Clancy Photography

With the conventions of 2016 fast approaching, I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of artists, writers, editors, inkers and publishers. But another part of the convention experience has become meeting some of the cosplayers out there, who deserves kudos for the work they put into their costumes and their knowledge of the characters that they are playing. Their inventiveness ... Read More »

The British Comics Industry: Looking Back on 2015, Looking Forward to 2016

The Beano - Hiring Poster

With the festive season upon us and 2015 racing to a close, over on Comic Book Resources, staff writer and comics retailer Brian Hibbs, in an article titled “Tilting at Windmills: Trouble on the Horizon?“notes we’re in an extremely odd place in the US comic book market as 2015 draws to a close: a market that, for most retailers, really is ... Read More »

The British Comics Industry: Still Alive and Kicking, Despite Troll Claims to the Contrary

Comics On Sale in Malta Airport on 8th December 2015. Photo: John Freeman

Phil Boyce runs the Oink! blog, dedicated to the original, cheeky, innovative comic that once featured the best of British talent, as well as extra posts on every aspect of the world’s greatest comic, creator info, behind-the-scenes shenanigans and more. He recently posted this article on the British comics industry and some of those deriding its current state and has kindly given us ... Read More »

It’s A Hard Life: Colin Noble Counts his (Comics) Blessings…

Last Gang in Town

When things are getting you down, it is always nice to count your blessings. And when it comes to comics, I have so many to count that I sometimes forget that not everyone is as fortunate as I. On a typical day, I will get at least 20 posts or so on social media about comics and comic related events. ... Read More »

Mags In Bags: comic creator Alexander Matthews call for “VAT on Tat”

News stand chaos in the comics section, August 2013. Photo: Alexander Matthews

Following up on John Freeman’s post expressing joy at seeing a child ignore all the “mag in a bag” comic/ young persons magazines in favour of the cheaper, non-bagged Beano, comic creator Alexander Matthews very kindly gave us permission to re-post his solution to “plastic plethora”. He first posted this article in 2013, but his arguments are persuasive, and pertinent given ... Read More »

Despite the Odds, Child buys Beano in Supermarket Shock; the perils and pitfalls of UK news stand distribution

The Beano - Issue on Sale 30th September 2015

Here’s a couple of snapshots of a typical British supermarket display of teen and young children’s magazines taken yesterday, which I occasionally post for discussion and dissection on my Facebook Comic Con page as we ponder the state of our native comics industry. Here, I’ll try and set out some of the issues facing publishers as they try and sell their ... Read More »

In My View: Why The British Comics Industry is Far From Dead

Sainsbury's Comics Section, Lancaster, 19th September 2015

It’s hard to credit but, strangely, there are some out there who claim the British comics industry is dead, ignoring the huge number of successful independent comics out there and a still-thriving news stand. Now, before anyone comments, I know that many of the comics available in your local supermarket do not include comic strip and many of those that ... Read More »

In My View: The Human Cost of Comics Piracy

Surface Tension Cult

Jay Gunn is the creator, writer and artist behind the Titan Comics-published project Surface Tension (available quite legally in both in print and digitally) who we interviwed about his work recently. Here, he addresses an issue that is one regularly discussed among creators and fans – the dissemination of digital copies of his work by third persons and web sites without ... Read More »

An Embarrassment of Riches: A forward look at Comic Conventions of 2016

Glasgow Comic Art Convention 1993 - Programme Cover

We are already seeing a surge in convention activity for next year as teams around the country begin to prepare their conventions – which should really come as no surprise to many event organisers, whose planning for their next comics happening begins even before their current one ends. When I was so much younger than I am now, I would be ... Read More »

“A Survivor in the Cosplay Age”: the London Comic Mart

1960s comic Fantastic, one of the first British comics to regularly reprint US superhero strips.

In these days of large in scale conventions, cosplay-infested MCMs and curated, arty, small press festivals it’s nice to see that events like the London Comic Mart at the Royal National Hotel are still there for us hardcore collectors. Known as ‘The National’ to those in the know, this multi-room back issue sales area has been going for years and ... Read More »

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