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Science Fiction News

Survivors Returns

The Forbidden Planet International web site reports the BBC has confirmed that it has concluded a deal with the estate of the late Terry Nation to create a new version of the cult 70s science fiction show Survivors. Nation, well-known to SF viewers for Blake’s 7, not to mention creating the Daleks for Doctor Who, devised Survivors which ran for ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Sputnik!

Space flight is 50 years old this week and although the space race may well have been borne by the desire to develop bigger and better nuclear weapons – according to the accounts of Russian scientists reported in USA Today – the actual exploration of space, which began with the launch of Sputnik on 4 October 1957, continues to capture ... Read More »

Dirk Gently heads for Radio 4

The BBC has announced that Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will make his UK broadcast debut on BBC Radio 4 this October, with Harry Enfield in the starring role. The show is an Above The Title Production for Radio 4 and will be produced by Dirk Maggs, the same award-winning team who produced the conclusion to The Hitchhiker’s ... Read More »

Omnivistascope Hat Trick

It has been available for a while, but SFX have just made Omnivistascope 3 their Fanzine Of The Month, giving Paul Scott’s big 78 page A4 zine a hat trick with each of the three issues receiving the title. His previous title, Solar Wind, also won SFX Fanzine Of The Month. Omnivistascope is a square bound anthology science fiction title ... Read More »

Deviant Thinkers

Over at Dave Langford’s wonderful SF news site Ansible, he reported last week that Greg Bear and other sf authors — Arlan Andrews, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Sage Walker — were asked to a US Homeland Security conference to provide anti-terrorism advice as “deviant thinkers”. Together, the group makes up a group called Sigma, whose motto is “Science Fiction ... Read More »

Life on Mars producers head for space

UK TV trade magazine Broadcast has reported that BBC1 aims to repeat the success of Life on Mars with a new high-concept series from Kudos set in space. In Outcasts, penned by Spooks writer Ben Richards (the series is known as MI5 in the US – he also wrote the BBC’s Party Animals and Channel 4’s No Angels.), the future ... Read More »

The power of personal e-mail marketing…

Some good news from my friend Lou Anders, Editorial Director at US publisher Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books. Last year Lou wrote plugging one of Pyr’s authors, David Louis Edelman, whose novel Infoquake, described on America’s National Public Radio this weekend as “yuppies from another planet” was being touted as the world’s first “science fiction business thriller.” Pyr billed ... Read More »

Cat Tracking into parallel dimensions

It’s a well known fact that many SF and comics writers own cats. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those weird rules of the universe. Of course many freelancers work from home, but even they must sometimes wonder where their cat has disappeared to. Into Schrodinger’s box? A parallel dimension? Or simply to scrounge food off the little ... Read More »

New SF: Infoquake by David Louis Edelman

My friend Lou Anders, who works over at science fiction & fantasy publisher Pyr (, just sent me some info on a book that just came out which is very different from the usual SF novel, one he hopes will have an appeal beyond the typical reader into a broader readership of thrillers, mysteries, and even nonfiction fans, readers of ... Read More »

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