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“Charley’s War” co-creator Pat Mills condemns World War One apologists

Pat Mills, who co-created the seminal World War One-centred comic strip “Charley’s War” with artist Joe Colquhoun, has thanked fans still finding the strip first published in Battle, starting in 1979, in its collections – but has savaged those in the British establishment still trying to justify the senseless slaughter of millions. “Charley’s War” is arguably the most important British ... Read More »

Doctor Who artist Rachael Smith launches new Patreon campaign

Rachael Smith Diary Comic Sample

Rachael Smith, artist behind The Rabbit, Artificial Flowers and the humour comics in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series, has just launched a Patreon campaign which will hopefully enable her to continue with her webcomic, Bess. Hebden Bridge-based Rachael’s debut graphic novel House Party came out in 2014 with Great Beast Comics to critical acclaim. The Rabbit, released by Avery Hill Publishing in ... Read More »

In Review: The Survivors – Episode 3

The on-going prequel series to writer and artist Leo’s futuristic Worlds Of Aldebaran, The Survivors, reaches Episode 3 after the previous book had turned around the survivors’ view of the desolate, dangerous world they had crash-landed on. After encountering one of the quantum anomalies, Alex and Marie have unexpected travelled forward in time six years to find that most of ... Read More »

Talking Art and Comics To Lancashire!

BBC Radio Lancashire's Sally Nadeen interviews Lancaster-based fine artist Sandy Gardner. Photo via Sandy Gardner

For those of you who missed it, you can still tune into my interview about comics on BBC Radio Lancashire, recorded yesterday at Lancaster’s Robert Gillow public house, taken over for most of the day to promote local Lancaster voices, including artist Sandy Gardner, musician Sue Parish and the amazing “Gillow Ukuleleans“, who performed a wonderful version of “Bring Me ... Read More »

In Review: Dan Dare at The Atkinson, Southport

Beware the Mekon! Photo: Dan Whitehead

Dan Whitehead visited The Atkinson in Southport, Merseyside – the town where Eagle comic was first created by Frank Hampson and Marcus Morris – and offers his take on the permanent Dan Dare exhibition there… I have an almost lifelong affection for Dan Dare and Eagle. The comic was relaunched in the 1980s, just as I was ready to graduate from The ... Read More »

In Review: DTHRTL Issue 2

Silent comics are always a challenge to read, and to review given that there are no character or location names to be used, but Bob Turner’s DTHRTL (that is Death Rattle to the non-text savvy amongst us) is definitely worth the challenge. The basic plot from the first issue is that Death has come to take our eyeball headed hero ... Read More »

In Review: Tales Of WesterNoir – Issue 2

Tales Of WesterNoir, the short story anthology spin-off Accent UK’s ongoing old West demon hunting series WesterNoir, returns with a second issue as the two WesterNoir creators, writer Dave West and artist Gary Crutchley, both turn their hands to writing with art duties taken this time by others. Both tales in this issue feature Jim Wilson, the demon hunter who pre-dated ... Read More »

In Review: The Survivors – Episode 2

Cinebook continues their translation of the spin-off series from Leo’s Worlds Of Aldebaran books with The Survivors – Episode 2, a tale set during the initial colonisation of Aldebaran IV, 100 years before the main Aldebaran series begins. After the loss of their spaceship, the Tycho Brahe, the survivors whose shuttle managed to find an inhabitable planet have survived their first encounters ... Read More »

In Review: SP4RX by Wren McDonald

Created by Wren McDonald 120 pages – Black and White and Purple 243mm x 170mm – Softback – £14.99 Published by NoBrow Press The Story: “SP4RX is the story of mankind clawing for survival. Set in a future where a class system has emerged, the world is divided into four levels, with the elite ruling from the extravagant top-level. “SP4RX, ... Read More »

It’s Grand Up North: Two Comics Events For Your Calendar

Enthusiastic comic fans mix with equally enthused comic creators in the Comics Clock Tower at the 2015 Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Photo: John Freeman

Is the North of England leading the way in a new type of comics event? By Ian Wheeler There are many types of events for fans of comics. The large “Film and Comic Cons” which incorporate comics as part of a wider range of science-fiction and media merchandise. Small, specialised events in modest locations such as community centres and church ... Read More »

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