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Andersonic Issue 22 proves a model of a fanzine!

Andersonic Issue 22 - Cover

Issue 22 of the fabulous Gerry Anderson series/inspired zine Andersonic is on sale now available from their website (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles > SF > Thunderbirds section). This issue includes: David Palmer interview – Model maker David talks about his time in the Century 21 effects workshop on Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and UFO, along ... Read More »

Sector 13, new 2000AD fanzine launches

Sector 13 Issue 1 - Cover SNiP

This Saturday Sector House 13 – The Pit Crew, a Belfast based 2000AD fan group will be debuting their fanzine, Sector 13 at the Enniskillen Comics Festival. The 24 page A4 zine, which will be on sale for £3 , features a unique photo-story starring the Pit Crew cosplayers in a tale of Mega-City One’s toughest Sector and two strips ... Read More »

Achtung! Commando – a short-lived homage to Britain’s longest-running war comic recalled 

Achtung! Commando Issue One

Despite its longevity, DC Thomson’s last serving pocket library title, Commando, has never gained the kind of fan documentation that other British comics have. Achtung! Commando was a short-lived attempt to change that, published at the turn of the century but lasting just four issues. Edited by comics artist and historian Peter Richardson, only four issues of the Achtung! Commando fanzine ... Read More »

“Blunderbirds” and Frank Bellamy’s “The Shepherd King” highlighted in new Eagle Times

The latest edition of Eagle Times the magazine of the Eagle Society – Volume 30 No. 1 – is now available. This Issue features articles about Alan Stranks (who created PC49 and scripted several Dan Dare stories), Space Fiction Films in Eagle‘s times, the humorous “Blunderbirds” strip – and the first part of a three part analytical article about Frank Bellamy‘s ... Read More »

New Andersonic pays tribute to Sylvia Anderson, delves into UFO, Stingray

Andersonic Issue 21

The latest issue of the excellent Gerry Anderson-inspired fanzine Andersonic, Issue 21, is available from the publication’s website Here’s what’s in the new issue: Deborah Grant Interview – a new interview with former Psychobomb Deborah Grant, who recalls her time working with Mike Pratt on UFO Sylvia Anderson Tributes – Andersonic‘s writers share their thoughts on the co-creator of Thunderbirds and ... Read More »

Celebrating the British Small Press: 60 Great Small Comic Press (Part Two)

The O Men - Martin Eden

When Marvel UK shrunk its original strip output in the mid-1990s, not being a 2000AD reader, I had nowhere to go. I came to find that the small press, often photocopied works, were a core part of British comics.  This is the second part of my celebration of those small press titles You can read Part One here and Part Three ... Read More »

Atomic Comic Interviews Top British Comics Artist Tom Paterson

Atomic Comic Issue 3

After many ups, downs and false starts The Atomic Comic – a smashing-looking ‘zine edited by New Zealand-based British humour comics aficionado George Shiers –  is back, and includes a first-ever interview with Scottish comics artist Tom Paterson. Tom’s talent as a cartoonist was discovered at the age of 16 by original Dandy editor Albert Barnes, who was impressed with the cartoon samples ... Read More »

Eagle Times spotlights “Lightning”, the Comic That Never Was

Eagle Times Volume 28 Number Three - Cover

The new issue Eagle Times (Volume 28, Number Three), available from the Eagle Society, features an article by David Slinn telling the background story of a new children’s magazine, Lightning, that never saw the light of day, but was proposed for publication by the National Magazine Company Limited in 1973. Autumn 2015 Contents ‘The Story of Lightning‘: David Slinn, himself a contributor to Eagle and Swift in ... Read More »

New Eagle Times highlights Joan Porter’s work on “Dan Dare”

Eagle Times Volume 28 - Number Two

The latest issue of the Eagle-inspired magazine Eagle Times, published by the Eagle Society, is available now, offering a wealth of insights into the much-loved boys comic of the 1950s and 60s. The features, which include insights from colourist and researcher Joan Porter about the Frank Hampson Studio, where Dan Dare was first conceived; and a new series of articles by Roger ... Read More »

British Comic Fanzines Digital Archive in the works

BEM #25

For several months now, British comics fan David Hathaway-Price had been gathering and scanning every British comics fanzine that he’s been able to buy or had loaned to him. His aim is to  create a Fanzine archive / repository, celebrating all of the brilliant work that was produced in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s in British comic zines such as ... Read More »

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