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“Mr. Testy” book debuts from comics creator Paul Eldridge 

Mr. Testy by Paul EldridgeSatirising a line of famous children’s books Paul Eldridge‘s Mr. Testy is the kind of project that might strike a chord with fans of VIZ, or Keith Lemon.

An illustrated book rather than comic from this independent British comic creator this Mr Men parody features Gonad the Barbarian (“still the worst joke I ever made”, Paul notes).

“As you can imagine,” he tells us, “it’s perhaps not the most highbrow of humour, but people have shown an interest.”

Without spoiling thectale (it’s only a short book!) in Mr Testy – A Gonad The Barbarian Adventure, follow Mr Testy as he visits Jollytown and the delightful adventure that he experiences whilst there.

“Created very much in tribute to the great books themselves and dedicated to Mr. Men creator Roger Hargreaves, this particular book is in no way for children,” Paul cautions, “rather for those grown ups that have not really grown up.

“This year is the 45th anniversary of the very first Mr. Men book, Mr Tickle, and now we have a Mr Men book for those that were children all those years ago, but maybe now like a little more sauce.”

• Assuming Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Lawyer haven’t come after him, Mr. Testy is currently available from Paul Eldridge’s page on

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