Sam Glanzman Forever! tribute project announced after veteran comic creator enters hospice care

Sam Glanzman Forever GoFundMe banner

Sue Glanzman, US comic artist Sam Glanzman‘s wife, has asked Drew Ford, who has successfully got some of his most critically-acclaimed work back into print, to inform his fans that the much-admired comic creator has entered the first stages of hospice care – an event that has promted the launch of a tribute project.

U.S.S. Stevens - The Collected Stories
U.S.S. Stevens – The Collected Stories

Never big on self promotion, Sam Glanzman has quietly had a massive impact over the years on the entire comic book industry. His work as a writer and artist has inspired hundreds of pro comic book creators, and his stories have touched the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of fans around the world.

Perhaps best known for his Charlton Comics series Hercules, about the mythological Greek demigod, and his biographical war stories about his service aboard the U.S.S. Stevens for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, 92-year-old Sam had a fall recently, that resulted in a surgery, and his body is having a hard time to bounce back.

“Because of this, Sue has asked me to put all my other projects on hold, and work with her on putting together a tribute book for her husband, Sam Glanzman Forever!,” says Drew, whose projects with the artist include new editions of Red Range and Voyage to the Deep, published by It’s Alive.

Captain America by Sam Glanzman
Captain America by Sam Glanzman
The cover of the It's Alive edition of Red Range by Joe R. Lansdale and Sam Glanzman
The cover of the It’s Alive edition of Red Range by Joe R. Lansdale and Sam Glanzman
Art from Voyage to the Deep by Sam Glanzman
Art from Voyage to the Deep by Sam Glanzman

“I’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds needed to produce this book,” Drew continues.  “Any funds that come in beyond the production and shipping costs on the books will go directly to Sam and Sue Glanzman.

“If ever there was a time to show your support for Sam Glanzman, now is that time,” he urges.

A poignant page of art paying tribute to those who fell in war, by Sam Glanzman, drawn just a few years ago
A poignant page of art paying tribute to those who fell in war, by Sam Glanzman, drawn just a few years ago

In addition to re-publishing some of Sam’s much-loved work, Sam Glanzman Forever! will include tributes from both comic book pros and fans alike.

Sam Glanzman produced his first professional comic book art in 1939 while still a teenager, under the tutelage of his older brother, Lew. A few years later he entered World War Two, serving in the Pacific theatre, as a sailor aboard the U.S.S. Stevens. After the war, Glanzman began drawing comics again and never looked back.

Not only was he prolific, producing thousands of pages of art over the decades, but he showed himself to be a true storyteller, seen best within the panels of the four to five page U.S.S. Stevens stories, based on his real life experiences -and those he served with- during the war.

Artwork for one of Glanzman's earlier USS Stevens stories published by DC Comics.
Artwork for one of Glanzman’s earlier USS Stevens stories published by DC Comics.

“These stories also happen to contain some of the first biographical work ever done in comics,” Drew argues. “Along with speaking frankly about the horrors of war, Sam also bravely addressed issues of race and homosexuality, at a time when those things were simply not part of the conversation in mainstream comics.”

Despite the bad news about Sam’s health (and no doubt some inevitable despair that here’s another great veteran American comic creator facing huge costs just for growing older), Drew’s keen to point out that Sam wouldn’t want his many fans walking around feeling bad about how things are.

“This tribute book is being put together to celebrate his life and accomplishments,” he emphasises. “He would want us to think of him and his stories – and smile!”

You can back the GoFundMe campaign here

• If you are interested in penning a tribute to Sam, you must send the tribute to Drew’s email (, with this in the subject line: SAM GLANZMAN TRIBUTE – YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST NAME

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