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Okay, this one passed me by. I need to read more dreamwatch (unashamed plug). There’s a new film bearing down on us called Special, centring on Les Franken (played by Michael Rapaport), who leads a painfully unremarkable life as a metermaid until he enrolls in a drug study for an experimental anti-depressant. An unexpected side effect of the drug convinces ... Read More »

The Host

Anyone who’s feeling intrigued by the new monster movie The Host might find the official Korean web site interesting ( Entertaining use of Flash… make sure you allow pop-ups on the site. Read More »

Cat Tracking into parallel dimensions

It’s a well known fact that many SF and comics writers own cats. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those weird rules of the universe. Of course many freelancers work from home, but even they must sometimes wonder where their cat has disappeared to. Into Schrodinger’s box? A parallel dimension? Or simply to scrounge food off the little ... Read More »

Is The Eagle a British icon?

Having just received a “Media Advisory” from celebrating Guy Fawkes’ nomination as a national British icon, I thought I’d check to see who else was up for this “celebration of British culture”, backed by Culture Online, part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Bad news, folks, The Eagle is currently not considered an icon by those who’ve ... Read More »

More from Moores

Read Yourself Raw reports that Alan Moore discusses the new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen book The Black Dossier at Wizard Talking of Moores, folk may enjoy Leah Moore’s scathing review of their hotel accommodation in Lancaster, posted on Virtual-Lancaster. I’m happy to say (although not happy for Leah and John Reppion, obviously, they could have had a better time ... Read More »


I’ll put something up on the main site later, but just received two fab books from artist Bambos Georgiou, the first of his Astrapets collection. Aimed at all ages, both The Great Space Chase and Dangerous Games are great fun: I particularly like the Betelgusian Beatniks and the fact that the Astrapets can’t find anything for humans to do. Charming, ... Read More »

Lancaster Comics Festival – Thanks

I’d just like to thank all the small press creators — Redeye, Omnivistascope, Futurequake, the Comic Creators Guild, Soaring Penguin and many others — and professional comics creators – including Bryan Talbot, John Ridgway (pictured), Leah Moore, John Reppion, Adrian Salmon, Tim Perkins, Graeme Neil “Atrocious Cold” Reid and Dave Windett – for braving some really atrocious weather and coming ... Read More »

All set for the festival…

Lancaster’s Ashton Memorial will be filled with comics fans tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to the event. Local artist Ant Mercer has done a top job of PRing the thing, so I hope all his hard work pays off in terms of punters. That said, there’s enough small press people coming to more than make it a great day, we’ve ... Read More »

Pingu for Number One!

While I was working at Marvel UK, Paul Neary once foolishly confessed admiration for the animation Pingu. Once the laughter had died away he made me watch the show with a view to a potential pitch for a comic and for this reason, this wonderful animated show – perhaps the best-known Swiss export after clocks and chocolate – always strikes ... Read More »

Mistaken Identity

Working on the web site as now only sometimes I do, just occasionally we get information from people in one of America’s Lancasters rather than Lancaster, England. Case in point is a very courteous note we had from the band Ivy Hill wanting to know our press deadlines top promote a new tour in Massachusetts USA, but hey, I’m ... Read More »

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