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Creating Comics: Lee Robson and David Broughton talk “Strontium Dog”

Strontium Dog "No Choice At All"

Lee Robson is the writer of the graphic novel Babble and a frequent contributor to many British independent titles, including Zarjaz, Futurequake, the Strontium Dog-inspired Dogbreath, Something Wicked and several of Accent UK‘s themed anthologies. He’s also penned a series of online daily strips featuring 2000AD‘s Judge Dredd for FutureQuakePress, which are collected here.  David Broughton has created his own comics, such as the brilliant Shaman Kane, Spectre Show and Martillo. ... Read More »

Hallowe’en Comic Tales: The 13th Stone

The 13th Stone - Cover

It’s become something of a Hallowe’en tradition for comic creators Bryan Coyle and Lee Robson to create a short comic for the season, but this year (with the help of Bolt-01), they’ve gone one better and done a full blown 22-page one-shot, The 13th Stone. It’s a deliciousy creepy tale oozing the kind of scratching the back of the eyeballs creeping horror you’d ... Read More »

In Review: FutureQuake Issue 29

FutureQuake Issue 29 - Cover

The latest issue of FutureQuake – available online and on sale at various comics events across the UK at the publisher’s stand, see their blog for details – is another terrific anthology of stories from the cream of (mainly British) creators. Here’s what’s inside the 96-page issue – yes, 96 pages of comics goodness! – edited by Dave Evans and Richmond ... Read More »

In Review: Zarjaz Issue 26

Zarjaz 26 - Cover

Creators: Various: Publisher: Future Quake Press Out: Now The Comic: Out now from Future Quake Press is the Zarjaz Issue 26, featuring cover art by Paul Marshall, coloured by Owen Watts. Within the pages of Zarjaz 26, Peeps the droids smuggles six tales from the sub-sub basement of the Nerve Centre! The Review: It’s another great issue of the  the fab 2000AD-inspired comic zine ... Read More »

Get Down With the Dogs! Latest Strontium Dog-inspired “Dogbreath” Out Now

Dogbreath 31- Cover

The latest issue of Dogbreath, the superb comic zine inspired by the Starlord/2000AD character Strontium Dog, is out now from FutureQuake Press, wrapped in a over photo by Steve Green, featuring Matthew Simpson as Johnny Alpha and Kevin Horsham as Wulf Sternhammer from the upcoming Fan Film Search & Destroy. Beneath the amazing photo cover by the Search & destroy team, the ... Read More »

In Review: Futurequake Issue 27

FutureQuake Issue 27 - Cover

Creators: Various Publisher: Futurequake Press Out: Now The Book: FutureQuake is back! The finest talents in the small press are here again to save you from boredom. Where else in the printed world can you get this much variety for such a small outlay? 48 pages for only £4.00 It would be an insult to all of creation to ask ... Read More »

Cup of O – Small Press Reviews

Cup of O - Small Press Reviews

  Hello! The three comics I’m reviewing this month bring me to within a year of now (the reading pile is getting smaller by the month!) and came respectively from Thought Bubble 2013, my local comic shop Excelsior in Bristol and as a Kickstarter reward in the early months of 2014. Zarjaz #19 (Futurequake Press) Edited by Richmond Clements & Bolt-01   Another issue ... Read More »

FutureQuake returns, bursting with talent and great stories

Future Quake Issue 26 - Cover

  FutureQuake is back! Wrapped in a stunning cover by Matt Soffe, the finest talents in the British small press are here again to save you from the boredom of a miserable March as we wait for some sign of Winter’s passing. This terrific, jam-packed anthology includes…       Where else in the printed world can you get this ... Read More »

Anderson Covers latest Zarjaz, the 2000AD-inspired comics zine

Zarjaz 23 - Cover

  Psi Judge Anderson claims her first Zarjaz cover since the ‘Zero’ issue back in 2005 and brings Mark Harrison to the pages of the comic with its lastest release. His gorgeous work makes the comic worth the price of admission alone, but Zarjaz 23 also contains a whopping seven strips, bringing together some of the finest talents in the small press with ... Read More »

Something Wicked for Thought Bubble

Something Wicked Issue 10

  Have you ordered your copy of FutureQuake Press’s Something Wicked #10 yet? Wrapped in a cover from Jon Taylor, here’s the full line up of this ace horror comic anthology… “Graveyard Shift” (writer) David McCluskey, (art) Sam Weller, (letters) Bolt-01 “Angler” (writer) Richard Pearce, (art & letters) Jack Davies “The Fifty Yard Fox” (writer) David McCluskey, (art) Scott Twells, ... Read More »

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