Month: December 2006

Go West

Quick plug, especially as I have known artist Tim Keable’s work for years, since back in my days of editing Doctor Who Magazine, and West: Texas Drama sounds like a gem of an indie title well worth tracking down… Texas,… Read More ›

Comic Cuts no laughing matter

I thought that unlike some British newspapers, US papers gave comic strips quite a good deal, but it appears, sadly, it just ain’t true. Economics and ignorant editorial decisions (like the ones behind the Guardian‘s idiot-but-quickly-reversed decision to drop Doonesbury… Read More ›

Christmas Giving

Stung by news from the Congo’s Virunga National Park on the depressing fate of hippos being hunted by poachers, I had a hunt around on the Net and located a web site which enables donations to WildLifeDirect (, an organisation… Read More ›