Day: April 26, 2007

RSS Madness

Ah. My apologies to the people who have subscribed to the RSS feed on this site: I didn’t realise it would consider every entry I put up, including old diary entries I can now add in, as “new” posts. So… Read More ›

Quick Switch

The traffic to this blog on my site wasn’t growing that quickly, but uploading revisions etc. was, I think, adding to my bandwith quite considerably. So I’ve switched the blog to Google’s own host. There will be some hiccups… Read More ›

Time Piece Trivia

Tipped off by SciFiTech over on, I thought these rather nifty-looking Pixel Watches, available in white, brown or pink, reminiscent of Blake’s 7‘s teleport bands as featured in that inexplicably popular BBC show. Available from online store Red 5… Read More ›