Opinion: When “Revenue Share” in our comics industry becomes Creator Exploitation

I am becoming increasingly concerned by the rising number of independent publishers professing to support our comic industry, on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, whose worthy ambition to promote comics is being marred by an apparent blind spot when it comes the reompense of creators.

Why Rebellion’s acquisition of IPC’s “classic comics” is great news for fans

David McDonald of Hibernia Comics, publishers of a number of limited edition collections and Archive books, assesses the impact Rebellion’s purchase of the IPC comics archive from TI Media and what it may mean for fans of British comics… The… Read More ›

Creating Comics: Why British publishers attempts to launch a graphic novels line keep failing, and how to do it better

Eisner Award-nominated editor, writer and publishing consultant Tim Pilcher ponders the problems getting a successful graphic comics line off the ground for British publishers… Lately I’ve been musing on why it is that traditional British book publishers have never really… Read More ›

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