Classic British Comics

When Batman got Knocked Off – and encountered British comics “The Spider” along the way!

In the first of a series of articles, publisher, comics creator and historian of Tamil comics King Viswa reveals some disturbing and bizarre instances of comics copyright theft by a Tamil comics publisher… Research and documents prove that the first… Read More ›

Creating Comics: Beano Editor Harry Cramond, as remembered by artist Steve Bright

Writer and artist Steve Bright, co-creator of Bananaman, recently posted a touching memory of The Beano’s second editor Harry Cramond on social media. Steve worked for Harry on The Beano for some 18 months and came to know the idiosyncrasies of… Read More ›

“Blunderbirds” and Frank Bellamy’s “The Shepherd King” highlighted in new Eagle Times

The latest edition of Eagle Times the magazine of the Eagle Society – Volume 30 No. 1 – is now available. This Issue features articles about Alan Stranks (who created PC49 and scripted several Dan Dare stories), Space Fiction Films in… Read More ›

In Review: Dan Dare The 2000AD Years Volume Two

Publisher: Rebellion Introduced by Garth Ennis Creators: Gerry Finley-Day, Dave Gibbons, Trevor Goring, Nick Landau, Garry Leach, Brian Lewis, Chris Lowder, Roy Preston, Tom Tully Includes feature by David McDonald on Dan Dare post 2000AD  Out: 3rd November 2016 The Book: Veteran… Read More ›

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