Egmont Publishing celebrates Ryan’s World, its biggest launch of 2019

As the year draws to a close, Egmont Publishing, and Sunlight Entertainment are celebrating the incredible success of one of Egmont’s 2019 magazine launches, Ryan’s World, a title based on Ryan Kaji, the eight-year old star of the Ryan’s World… Read More ›

Myne adds Wallace & Gromit “30 Cracking Years” to RFID blocker security card design offer

Myne Cards – a company specialising in credit card-sized devices to place into wallets and purses, which give protection over all contactless cards – has just added a special 30th Anniversary “30 Cracking Years” Wallace & Gromit card to its… Read More ›

Call For Papers: Cartoon Animation: Satire and Subversion, plus Bob Godfrey exhibition announced

A Call For Papers has just launched for “Cartoon Animation: Satire and Subversion“, an academic conference taking place on Monday 17th February 2020 at the Animation Research Centre, at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey. Speakers will include… Read More ›

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