Exhibition: 50 Glorious Shows!

2018/03/28 - 2018/09/02

In February 2018, London’s Cartoon Museum celebrated twelve years at 35 Little Russell Street, during which time it has put on 50 exhibitions of cartoons, comics, caricature, graphic novels and animation. 50 Glorious Shows! is the museum’s 51st exhibition at Little Russell Street and features items from, or relating to, all the previous exhibitions. ItContinue reading Exhibition: 50 Glorious Shows!2018/03/28 – 2018/09/02

Exhibition: The Inking Woman

2017/04/26 - 2017/07/23

The Inking Woman is an exhibition bringing together original artwork spanning 250 years, from 18th century caricatures to modern graphic novels, The Inking Woman is a celebration of the vibrancy and variety of women’s cartoon and comic expression in the UK. The exhibition features the work of Carol Adlam, Sally Artz, Ros Asquith, Mabel Lucie Attwell,Continue reading Exhibition: The Inking Woman2017/04/26 – 2017/07/23

Exhibition: Heroes and Villains at the Cartoon Museum

2016/07/27 - 2016/10/30

An exhibition of art depicting real life, the cartoon and comic world that highlights those we love and those we love to hate. Featuring political cartoons, cartoon and comic strips, and caricatures, including some selected by celebrities and members of the public. • The Cartoon Museum is at 35 Little Russell Street, London, WC1A 2HH,Continue reading Exhibition: Heroes and Villains at the Cartoon Museum2016/07/27 – 2016/10/30

Woodrow Phoenix at London Cartoon Museum

2016/07/23 14:00 - 2016/07/23 16:00

Woodrow Phoenix will be dropping in at London’s Cartoon Museum today to talk about his giant graphic novel, She Lives, Dr Monica Walker will be giving spotlight talks on highlights from the Museum’s collection and co-curator Dr Paul Williams will be discussing the exhibition. There’ll be a bar serving drinks, and workshops throughout the night upstairs in the Young Artists’ Gallery. The Museum’s brand new appContinue reading Woodrow Phoenix at London Cartoon Museum2016/07/23 14:00 – 2016/07/23 16:00

Laydeez Do Comics: Artists Roundtable at London Cartoon Museum

2016/07/04 19:00 - 2016/07/04 20:00

Join exhibited artists including Hannah Berry, Kate Evans, Rachael Ball and Oscar Zarate to learn more about how they approach their work for a Laydeez Do Comics event at London’s Cartoon Museum on Monday 4th July 2016. Laydeez do Comics is a unique graphic novel forum with a focus on comic works based on life narrative, theContinue reading Laydeez Do Comics: Artists Roundtable at London Cartoon Museum2016/07/04 19:00 – 2016/07/04 20:00