Day: May 4, 2008

Road Death Comics…

Rumble strips were invented to alert us to hazards. In fog or snow, or even worse, on the verge of sleep, when you…just…. can’t… keep… your… eyes..op-drrrrrrrrrr drrrrrrrrrrrr drrrrrrrrrrrrr! The noise, the jolt, the vibration of those grooves wakes and… Read More ›

Never Been Exhibtion Online

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): Never Been, the giant comic strip that exhibited on the walls of Projekts MCR skateboard park in Manchester earlier this year is now online at The exhibition , both real and virtual, is the… Read More ›

Temple of Comics!

On the weekend of Free Comics Day, downthetubes is pleased to report Issue #0 of The Temple Comic APA’s Digital Showcase is now available to download as a free PDF at, featuring a motley collection of strips from some… Read More ›

DFC Teaser Online

Some pages from the new weekly subscription-only British The DFC comic are now available to view on line at:‘s content includines a strip by author Philip Pullman, The Adventures of John Blake, illustrated by John Aggs, one of the… Read More ›

Robin Hood Joins Accent UK

Accent UK are very pleased to announce that by special arrangement with Geoff West of The Book Palace, they’ll have a supply of the newly released Frank Bellamy’s Robin Hood the Complete Adventures book at both the International Comic Expo… Read More ›