Silver Age Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups collection announced

Marvel Masterwork Pin-UpsWith Marvel celebrating 80 years in publishing in 2019, it’s great to hear IDW Publishing and Yoe Books have announced plans for a series of large-format hardcover collections from Marvel Comics, beginning with Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups.

To be released in July, the 120 page retrospective hardcover will collect a multitude of Silver Age pin-ups and includes art by creators such as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Jim Steranko, Wally Wood, John Romita and more, all collected in a single source for the first time. (Stan Lee quips are included as well!)

Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups - Spider-Man

Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups - Doctor Strange

Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups - The Thuing

As part of the tremendous fun of Silver Age comics, artists created pin-ups of the most popular Marvel heroes and villains! Now the greatest of those works of art are gathered for the first time in a beautiful large-format hardback book, including are rare examples of original art of The Thing, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, and many marvellous more!

Plus, we also get witty wordage, pulse-pounding patter, and zany zingers by Stan “The Man” Lee! ‘Nuff said!

Let’s hope this does well and IDW do one entirely drawn from pin-ups created for SMASH!, POW! and Marvel UK…

A Herb Trimpe "Marvel Masterwork" pin-up, featured in Spider-Man Weekly Issue 134.

A Herb Trimpe “Marvel Masterwork” pin-up, featured in Spider-Man Weekly Issue 134.


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