Commando 5267 – 5270 On Sale This Week

Commando 5267 - 5270Brand new issues of DC Thomson Media‘s Commando (Issues 5267-5270) are on sale this week, (from Thursday 3rd October) in all good newsagents across the UK. The line up this time out Including fighting dustcarts, a fortified house in Stalingrad, a Siberian SAS mission, and the second Braddock issue of Commando, plucked from the pages of the weekly action comic, Victor.

Commando 5267: Home of Heroes: Braddock: DemonsCommando 5267: Home of Heroes: Braddock: Demons
Story: Ferg Handley | Art: Morhain & Defeo | Cover: Keith Burns

A new team doesn’t mean a new Braddock, as the maverick bomber pilot is at it again in Ferg Handley’s second Commando issue for The Victor hotshot. But with losses mounting after the Battle of France, the tension between Squadron Leader Roy Suddaby and Braddock will come to fever pitch, forcing Braddock to come face to face with some of his personal demons. But will Braddock defeat them?

Commando 5268: Gold Collection: The Heroes of San MarcoCommando 5268: Gold Collection: The Heroes of San Marco
Story: Spence | Art: CT Rigby | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 761 (1973)

A bin lorry goes to war in this off-the-wall yarn from Spence. When Commando Captain Steve Carson and his mates are tasked with liberating an Italian tank designer – they find their only escape is in the back of a stinking dustcart. Much to Carson’s dismay, the dustcart is soon dubbed Nelly and becomes his company’s mascot.

But Nelly’s talents are quickly put to good use again during the Allied push into Italy – then Nelly will really kick up a stink!


Commando 5269: Action and Adventure: House of DeathCommando 5269: Action and Adventure: House of Death
Story: Richard Davis | Art and Cover: Carlos Pino

Stalingrad, 1942. Things are looking dire as the Nazi army pushes further into the city, determined to capture the namesake of Hitler’s hated rival, Josef Stalin. Throughout the war-torn city are fortified buildings manned by small numbers of the Red Army and Stalingrad militia sworn to obey Stalin’s No.227 order – ‘Not a step back!’.

In one building, three Red Army soldiers, a young female partisan and a member of a penal battalion man a fortification called The Red House – but how long can they defend it before it becomes their graves?

Commando 5270: Silver Collection: Hostage HuntCommando 5270: Silver Collection: Hostage Hunt
Story: Mike Knowles | Art: Denis McLoughlin | Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2895 (1995)

A bunch of hardcore USSR hardliners who refuse to believe the Cold War is over have taken to Siberia, seized a gulag, and are taking pot-shots at anyone who comes near. When the Russians are forced to ask the Royal Marines for help, Rob Smith finds himself fighting Soviet soldiers alongside other Russian soldiers!

A confusing situation indeed, made more complicated by the fact that Rob’s imprisoned mate, Ted Taylor, has gone rogue inside the gulag!


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