Aces Weekly Volume 34 launches, offering a feast of comics talent (and dragons!)

Yeoman by Chris Geary

The fab digital anthology Aces Weekly Volume 34 is out now, offering a 150-page plus Summer volume of episodic comics – and it couldn’t be hotter.

Just £1 per week, in any currency, gets you this volume, plus all following volumes on an ongoing basis.

Check out some preview pages below from creators that include Chris Geary, Paul Rainey, Jok and Santullo!

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Merlin and Hector - Excalibur Chapter 3 by Jok and Santullo

Merlin and Hector – Excalibur Chapter 3 by Jok and Santullo

After being rescued from arrest after stealing a cow, Merlin and Hector are now in the company of their saviour, a Sir Brendan Perry, who claims to want to help them protect the legendary sword, Excalibur, which they have recently acquired from its mystical guardian…

Fight by Esteban Hernandez

Fight by Esteban Hernandez

Aces Weekly’s most reflective storyteller returns to us with some observations on a situation that we’ve all experienced in some way, sometime, somewhere…

Why Don't You Love Me? by Paul Rainey

Why Don’t You Love Me? by Paul Rainey

The extraordinary suburban satire from Paul Rainey continues… Are we in some other time? Some future? A past? Read and decide…

Ikiryu by Anthony Zicari & Sam Massey

Ikiryu by Anthony Zicari & Sam Massey

A marvellous story of magic, mysticism, and martial arts…

The Bootes Void by Booda

The Bootes Void by Booda

The outer reaches of space reveal their inner personality… Or something like that… You figure it out…

Yeoman by Chris Geary

Yeoman by Chris Geary

Everyone wants to come to London. And a lot of things want to come, too….



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