Skow Dogs: Jen Greenwood
Design by Dave Thomson


Created by John Freeman & David Hailwood
Artist: Dave Thomson

A small rundown starship and its small crew seek out new worlds, new civilisations – and try to make as much money as possible without getting killed…

Skow Dogs began in 100% Biodegradable #15 in 2016

• WarWorldz: Project Overiew

Skow Dogs is © John Feeman, Dave Hailwood & Dave Thomson

SkowDogs Part One Page One

2 thoughts on “WarWorldz: Skow Dogs

  1. […] I’ve written about this a little before, but the background is this. After a positive reaction to Rourke’s debut in STRIP Issue Four, editor Dan Abnett asked me to come up with a possible US format mini series featuring the character and her world. I came up with a bonkers pitch that went through several rewrites – the version that’s now the basis for Rourke’s role in the WarWorldz Shared Universe project you may have seen some of in the digital anthology 100% Biodegradable, with the strips “Death Duty” and “Skow Dogs“. […]

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