Where’s Clive?

(Note: the “missing puppet” story that inspired our reporter Jeremy Briggs’ research below was quickly revealed as a PR hoax, see follow up, but we have kept this item live for information purposes) Gerry Anderson fans have a new game… Read More ›

Moffatt on Tin Tin

(with thanks to Jeremy Briggs) The Hollywood Reporter and Empire Magazine reports that Steven Moffat, acclaimed writer on Doctor Who and Jekyll, is to write the trilogy of Tintin films being overseen by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. The directors… Read More ›

Knight Rider returns

Variety has reported that US broadcaster NBC is bringing back Knight Rider, the show created by Glen Larson starring David Hasselhoff that was such a success for them between 1982 and 1986. Taking a leaf from the recent Transformers movie, expect… Read More ›