Gerry Anderson

Where’s Clive?

(Note: the “missing puppet” story that inspired our reporter Jeremy Briggs’ research below was quickly revealed as a PR hoax, see follow up, but we have kept this item live for information purposes) Gerry Anderson fans have a new game… Read More ›


The fourth ‘episode’ of Richard Farell and Vincent Law’s Gerry Anderson fanzine is now out. Amongst the articles and reviews of the Gerry Anderson series Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO and Space:1999, are articles on the comic strips associated with… Read More ›

FAB Makeover

The new issue of Fanderson’s fanzine FAB, (Number 57), has just been released. With Chris Bentley’s retirement as editor, Fanderson have taken the opportunity to redesign the 56 page glossy colour A5 zine and bring in new features, intended to… Read More ›