Month: November 2006

Westcity Link

You know, sometimes it’s worth actually checking some of the ads Google’s putting on your site because some of them are gems. Case in point is the “Science Fiction Info” line ad that was on here this mroning, wich links… Read More ›


Heading for UK cinemas 24 November is Hollywoodland, which centres on the mysterious death of George Reeve, the man who played Superman. The trailer looks slick (but as others have pointed out, does it give too much away?) Ben Affleck,… Read More ›


Okay, this one passed me by. I need to read more dreamwatch (unashamed plug). There’s a new film bearing down on us called Special, centring on Les Franken (played by Michael Rapaport), who leads a painfully unremarkable life as a… Read More ›

The Host

Anyone who’s feeling intrigued by the new monster movie The Host might find the official Korean web site interesting ( Entertaining use of Flash… make sure you allow pop-ups on the site.