Month: April 2007

Spider-Man Muscial Madness

Okay, I think we’re probably reaching Spider-Man saturation point here because after several rumours Marvel released a statement yesterday confirming that Spider-Man is indeed headed to Broadway … as a musical no less. Hot on the heels of the release… Read More ›

In Memoriam: Brant Parker

God, people will be thinking I’m an incredibly morbid kind of bloke, which isn’t the case at all, but there’s been another death in the comics community. Just days after reporting the death of Italian artist Massimo Belardinelli (2000AD co-0creator… Read More ›

Create your own comics

ROK’s new comics project, now in beta, is up and running – check out — and we’ve had some terrific and positive feedback from a wide variety of comics creators. Delivery to mobile is still in progress but the… Read More ›

Johnny "BC" Hart Dies

76-year-old Johnny Hart, award-winning creator of the popular B.C. comic series and co-creator of The Wizard of Id with Brant Parker, died this weekend. He apparently suffered a stroke while working at his drawing table at home in Nineveh, Broome… Read More ›