Month: May 2008

In Memoriam: Beryl Cook

Artist Beryl Cook, a painter with a cartoonists’ sensibility for accurate observation from life, has died aged 81. Her official biography on her web site indicates she was born in 1926 in Surrey, one of four sisters. She left school… Read More ›

Pratchett Fights On

The Times reports on an interview on BBC Breakfast today, revealing how the onset of Alzheimer’s disease has started to affect the writing of Terry Pratchett’s best-selling fantasy Discworld series. The author vowed to carry on writing despite having the… Read More ›

Hewlett’s Olympian Task

Comic artist Jamie Hewlett and Blur band member Damon Albarn are to provide visuals for BBC Sport’s marketing campaign and titles for the forthcoming Olympic Games, based on the traditional Chinese folklore Journey To The West. The campaign, which will… Read More ›

Legend of Bill Begins

Cartoonist David Reddick has unveiled his new webcomic and labour of love, Legend of Bill. “It’s a series set in a realm of swords, sorcery and stupidity!,” says David, who I’ve known for a while now since my time editing… Read More ›

Enter the Vort

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): This week’s 2000AD contained an announcement that ‘Israeli’s latest project, The Vort, will be one of the slew of new stories staring next week in the UK’s weekly SF comic. Over on his blog, ‘Israeli… Read More ›