Month: June 2009

Furman Turns Japanese!

After years of writing Transformers stories for the UK and US, writer Simon Furman has finally broken into one of the most notoriously difficult comic markets: Japan. This is no small achievement: very few Westerners have broken into the world… Read More ›

Temple APA Issue 4 Online

The indie British creators group known as the Temple APA has just released the fourth issue of their ‘portfolio’ comic, available free in hi-res PDF format from their Forum here. Intended as a digital showcase of British comic writers and… Read More ›

In Review: Cancertown

While regular downthetubes readers are well aware there are plenty of “graphic novels” on the market, they also know many are actually collections of monthly comics, better known as “trade paperbacks”, perhaps complemented by additional material such as pin ups… Read More ›