Carlos Pino

Side by Side: Comics Tellings of Peterloo

Back in 2015, DC Thomson published Commando Issue 4843, titled “Peterloo!”, written by Ferg Handley with cover and internal art by Carlos Pino, one of several marking the 200th anniversary of Waterloo, but which also recounted the horror of massacre at St. Peter’s Field, Manchester on 16th August 1819. But it’s not the only recent telling of the terrible events in comics

Ramsey’s Raiders blast back into Commando!

Brand new Commando issues 5235 – 5258 are out now in all good newsagents and via various digital platforms from DC Thomson. From secret messages to Douglas Boston bombers, from Nazi rail guns to a booby-trapped Lee Enfield – these issues have it all… including a new Ramsey’s Raiders story from Ferg Handley and Keith Page!