Month: March 2007

Gorilla Sex?

Gorillas may have been responsible for the introduction of pubic lice in humans, according to a new study. Evolutionary biologist David Reed of the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville USA has traced the genetic structure of lice and… Read More ›

Shatner versus Wheaton

Somehow, no matter how immersed in a show you become when editing or being part of the production of its official Magazine, some aspects of that show’s history slip you by. Case in point: Wil Wheaton‘s apparently revived beration of… Read More ›

Captain America

I think Adam Rogers over on Wired‘s Blog Network neatly sums up my similar feelings (aside from how the character has best been handled in the past) on recent developments Hey, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m… Read More ›

Cam Kennedy on Kidnapped

Over on the Forbidden Planet International blog, Joe Gordon has delivered a full transcript of the recent Kidnapped event at the Scottish Book Trust where artist Cam Kennedy was talking with publisher Ron Grosset about Cam and Alan Grant’s adaptation… Read More ›

Kidnapping Edinburgh

Jeremy Briggs reports on how a new comics adaptation of Robert Louis Stevens classic novel took Scotland’s capital by storm in February 2007… February 2007. In Edinburgh, you just could not get away from Cam Kennedy’s artwork for the new… Read More ›