Month: May 2007

Rian Hughes Interview

With the imminent arrival of Yesterday’s Tomorrows in bookshops, collecting, among other things, Dare by Grant Morrison – a chilling reinterpretation of the Dan Dare story – and The Science Service by John Freeman (who?), Kenny Penman has been working… Read More ›

Eagle Award Winners 2007

Sourced via Joe Gordon’s Forbidden Planet International’s fab blog, who found them in turn over on the US comics news site Newsarama… Favourite Comics WriterWarren EllisDarn, I wish I kept all those fanzine he used to churn out in the… Read More ›

Bristol Expo

Bristol provided its usual mix of weird weather (wet) and entertainment (Star Wars storm troopers, Batman a gorgeous Black Cat and a determined Batman who wandered from the main hall to the hotel despite torrential rain in costume). I don’t… Read More ›

ROK Comics Launches

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of ROK Comics on Mobile, a new publishing solution enabling comics creators and publishers to syndicate their works to mobile phone users worldwide – and I’ve been given the task of being its… Read More ›

Tank Girl’s welcome return

Over on, Cameron Archer has posted a detailed review of the new Tank Girl from US publisher IDW. Those who remember Jamie “Gorillaz” Hewlett’s full on 1980s Deadline version of the character (Titan Books republished those strips some time… Read More ›

Flash! (Waa Aah!)

The US SciFi Channel has announced that Eric Johnson will play the lead role of Flash Gordon in SciFi’s 22-episode “modern day retelling of the classic comic strip franchise.” This unofficial fan site for the actor, whose past genre credits… Read More ›

Spider-Man rules the world

It might have had mixed reviews (“Fun factor nil”, sniffs The Guardian), but after a record-breaking US opening, Spider-Man 3 has now demolished the international box office record with nearly £114 million at 16,700 playdates in 105 countries in six… Read More ›