Month: November 2007

Tales of Wit and Wonder

Eureka Productions has released a revised second edition of its long-out-of-print Graphic Classics: Mark Twain, the eighth volume in the Graphics Classics series of comics adaptations of great literature whose contributors include many British creators. With a dramatic cover painting… Read More ›

A Deserter’s Tale

Battle‘s acclaimed Charley’s War continues at Titan Books with the timely release of a fourth collection of the World War One tale. Written by Pat Mills, drawn by the legendary Joe Colquhoun, Blue’s Story continues the critically-acclaimed thrilling, horrifying and… Read More ›

Ex Astris Episode 11

• Bill’s now working on a mini-comic which takes up the story where this leaves our Earth-bound explorers. More information on this project here This version of Ex Astris was originally published on the ROK Comics platform