Month: June 2008

Ian Rankin and Alan Grant

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): Author Ian Rankin returns to the Borders Book Festival in Melrose, Scotland later this month, but not, this time, to talk about Inspector Rebus. Instead he will pose questions about Judge Dredd, Batman, The Terminator,… Read More ›

Comic Creator Hannah Berry Interviewed

Over on the Forbidden Planet International blog, Joe Gordon has posted an interview with Brighton-based Hannah Berry, author of the recnetly-published Britten & Brülightly from publishers Jonathan Cape, a film noir-styled debut graphic novel that centres on ‘Private Researcher’ Fernández… Read More ›

ROK Drops Crumb Into China

ROK Comics has announced that several top comic creators are having their work translated for distribution in China as part of the company’s ongoing development — with over 30,000 downloads delivered in one weekend. Crumb, created by top cartoonist David… Read More ›

Gordon Brown, Superhero…

As trailed yesterday, Blink Twice artist Lawrence Etherington appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning, as part of the BBC’s coverage of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s role in Marvel’s new Captain Britain and MI13 comic, written by Paul Cornell. (Brown is… Read More ›

In Review: Omnivistascope

The latest issue of Omnivistascope, Paul Scott’s stunning-looking SF anthology comic, was released at the Bristol Comics Expo last month but what with one thing and another — among other things, scripting Ex Astris, writing a story for an upcoming… Read More ›

In Review: C2D4

Last month, newly launched publishers C2D4 (an aliteration of Comics To Die For), the brainchild of Essex-based duo artist and writer Tony Wicks and writer Martin Buxton launched their first three titles: Last of the Chickenhads, Jack in the Box,… Read More ›