Abigail Bulmer

“Rok of the Reds” collected – a Roy of the Rovers meets Doomlord styled SF adventure!

BHP Comics have announced a collection of the much-praised Rok of the Reds mini-series, written by 2000AD’s John Wagner and Alan Grant, drawn by Judge Dredd artist Dan Cornwell, withcolours by Abigail Bulmer. Due for release 16th April 2018, Rok… Read More ›

2000AD’s Dark Judges stalk into New Scientist – the strangest crossover yet?

You cannot kill what doesss not liiiive – but how will the future cope with the four alternative horsemen of the apocalypse? For a darkly gothic Christmas treat, Britain’s biggest comic – 2000AD – has teamed up with New Scientist,… Read More ›

Judge Dredd-inspired “Lawgiver” convention back for third year this weekend

The 2000AD/ Judge Dredd-inspired comic event Lawgiver back on Saturday 28th May and organisers promise it will be bigger, better and more badass! The Lawgiver III guest list includes Mick McMahon (artist on “Judge Dredd”, “Slaine”, “ABC Warriors”, Batman, Tank Girl);  Abigail Bulmer (artist… Read More ›

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