Andrea Mutti

US politicians up to unsavoury antics? Are these rumours the work of British ex-secret agents – or comic book writers?

For those of you possibly reeling at the sometimes bizarre twists and turns of the current US political scene, perhaps wondering what is real and what is true, we can’t not mention the upcoming release from Dynamite Entertainment of the… Read More ›

Partners in Crime: Andy Diggle and Angela Cruickshank take “Control” in June

1st June 2016 sees the launch of a new six-part miniseries, Control, written by Andy Diggle (The Losers, Thief of Theives) and partner Angela Cruickshank, with art from Andrea Mutti (Le Syndrome de Caïn, Iron Man, Noir) and Vladmir Popov (Darklight, Steed and Mrs Peel), published by US publisher Dynamite Entertainment. In Control,… Read More ›

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