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Get your stinking paws on an original Planet of the Apes painting!

We’re marking two celebrations this month with this coverage of artist Graeme Neil Reid’s latest art raffle. Not only is this the 24th monthly art raffle, making it two full years of Graeme giving away art to his supporters – but it is also the 50th anniversary for the film that inspired this month’s themed painting – Planet of the Apes.

Don’t delete this newsflash! Graeme Neil Reid has some great Cybermen art on offer in his latest art raffle

This month one lucky person will win an original acrylic painting of a Vogan War Cyberman in Graeme Neil Reid’s monthly Art Raffle. But now all his Patreon supporters win with an exclusive high resolution download of the raffle art…. Read More ›

Doctor? Doctor Who? Graeme Neil Reid’s latest Art Raffle celebrates two takes on Britain’s favourite time traveller

There’s a return to familiar territory for artist Graeme Neil Reid for his incredible monthly Art Raffle he runs to encourage Patreon support for his work – but with some not so familiar faces. Graeme is a Scottish artist who… Read More ›

It’s snow joke – artist Graeme Neil Reid’s Halloween art raffle is not for the nervous!

All things spooky and creepy crawl out for Halloween and this month’s art raffle from artist Graeme Neil Reid features two nasty hags riddled with evil and murderous intent! Graeme is a Scottish artist who now works primarily in traditional… Read More ›

Pale Orc or Waltzing Partners? You could win a painting simply by supporting artist Graeme Neil Reid!

Two new paintings for one lucky winner to pick from this month in artist Graeme Neil Reid’s September Art Raffle. One a cruel monster from a blockbuster film and the other a glimpse of the beauty found in horrific moments… Read More ›

Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 Art Raffle Launched – simply support artist Graeme Neil Reid to enter!

Now in its twelfth month, 2000AD and Radio Times artist Graeme Neil Reid‘s Art Raffle returns with two slices of British TV science fiction on offer. Graeme is a Scottish artist living and working in Fife, Scotland. With a strong… Read More ›

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