Barrie Mitchell

When Roy of the Rovers sponsored a football club – and a look at football club programmes

Report by Richard Sheaf, with additional reporting by John Freeman A recent social media post by ex-Fleetway editor Barrie Tomlinson alerted me to a 1990s football programme for St. Alban’s City Football Club, featuring cover art by “Billy’s Boots” artist… Read More ›

When Alan Moore wrote football comics…a look back at Marvel UK’s “Not the World Cup: The Official Souvenir Brochure”

downthetubes contributor and comics archivist Richard Sheaf has shared plenty of strange British comic one shots and short-lived titles over on his brilliant Boys Adventure Blog, and while his recent coverage of Gilbert’s Fridge intrigued, I think it’s more than… Read More ›

John Stokes interviewed in Judge Dredd Megazine, classic strip “The Lawless Touch” from Tornado reprinted 

We’ve already trailed this week’s 2000AD – but don’t forget Judge Dredd Megazine (Issue 387) is on sale now, with a plethora of great strips – “Judge Dredd”, “Anderson – Psi Divison”, “Havn”, “Dredd” and “The Dark Judges”. The issue… Read More ›

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