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From the Archives: Last Words from Leo – An Interview with Leo Baxendale

First published in October 2017 on the inexplicably and ruthlessly pruned Forbidden Planet International blog, an act of cultural barbarism about which Forbidden Planet (Scotland) Ltd has yet to reverse, we are delighted to republish, as first published and with… Read More ›

In Memoriam: Comic writer, author, playwright Tommy Donbavand, creator of “Scream Street”, is gone

We’re very sorry to report that Tommy Donbavand, comic strip writer and award-winning author of the Scream Street series, Fangs Vampire Spy, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, Home and My Teacher Ate My Brain, has lost his long battle with cancer…. Read More ›

New Beano offers free copy of 2019 annual in limited distribution promotion

This week’s Beano (Issue 3977) is getting a limited distribution promotion, offering a bagged, free copy of the 2019 Beano Annual with purchase at participating WHSmith stores, which appear to be those at railway stations and airports. It got a… Read More ›

In Pictures: Merry Chickmas! Time for Beano Festive Fun on Fleet Street!

Beano Studios have unveiled a new window display at their Fleet Street office in London, featuring a choir of singing rubber chickens to delight the public during the holiday season. Inspired by the immense popularity of rubber chicken content on… Read More ›

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