Albion - Montage - art by Shane Oakley

Albion: Looking back at Wildstorm’s “British Invasion”

As Rebellion rolls out more classic comic collections and gears up for the second Vigilant special from Simon Furman and Simon Coleby, Luke Williams looks back at earlier revivals of some British comic characters… Rebellion are receiving plaudits for reviving and rebooting Fleetway properties, strips and characters that in some cases are fondly remembered andContinue reading Albion: Looking back at Wildstorm’s “British Invasion”

Battler Britton Issue 1 Art

Battler Britton Returns!

Battler Britton is the next IPC character to see revival through DC Comics Wildstorm imprint, in a five-issue mini series from writer Garth Ennis, illustrated by Colin Wilson, with painted covers by Garry Leach. The first issue will go on sale in specialist comic stores from 6 July 2006. “Battler Britton – England’s Fighting AceContinue reading Battler Britton Returns!