Captain Britain Weekly

King Kong, wartime Beanos and banned Oz comics – quite a selection in latest ComPal comic auction!

The latest Compalcomics online auction has just launched and offers a fantastic selection of wartime Beanos, pre-war Mickey Mouse Weeklies and copies of Glasgow / Northern Looking Glass, considered the world’s first “comic”, published in Glasgow in 1825. Plus, there’s the chance… Read More ›

Wartime Beano Bonanza, rare Captain America reprint, Mickey Mouse Weekly #1 and more in latest Compal comics auction

There’s plenty for the dedicated British comics collector to savour in the latest ComPal comic book auction, with bidding via running until 27th November 2016. While there aren’t many art items on offer this time around, there are some… Read More ›

Captain Britain, 40 Years On – What Next For Marvel’s Very British Superhero?

October see the 40th anniversary of the ‘birth’ of Captain Britain in Captain Britain Weekly, but what’s next for the Marvel hero? Last month, Marvel UK and Captain Britain fan Mark Roberts published a feature recounting news about a potential Captain… Read More ›

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