Charlotte Corday

Brand-new Charlotte Corday Adventure by Dan Dare artist Keith Page Launches

Launching soon will be an all-new Charlotte Corday adventure titled Blasted Trubshaw and the Time Before This, a follow up to the recently re-published Witchcraft Street series. Creator Keith Page has teased his fans with some notes about the story, in which… Read More ›

“Martian” author Andy Weir short stories published exclusively on the books and comics app, Tapas

Before Andy Weir’s brilliant SF novel The Martian became a bestseller and a box-office hit, it was posted in short, free instalments to his website. His approach mirrors the serialised stories of 19th century periodicals, which popularized authors like Charles Dickens and… Read More ›

New Charlotte Corday serial begins today by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page

Over on the official Charlotte Corday web site, author and comic strip writer Stephen Walsh and Commando and Dan Dare artist Keith Page have just kicked off another fiction strand – a serialised text story, “Warp Wizard” revealing the early… Read More ›

Tube Surfing: Anne Kirkbride’s cartoon connections, digital Charlie Hebdo launched and a new Joe Decie interview

Here’s a quick round up of short comics news items that have caught our eye on Twitter and other social media over the past few days… • The Hemel Gazette reports that veteran artist Fred Jefferies, 85, a cartoonist since 1962, has created… Read More ›

Keith Page and Stephen Walsh’s Charlotte Corday project “London Calling” goes digital

  The Charlotte Corday adventure London Calling, published by Timebomb Comics, has just been added to the ROK Comics digital app for iPad, taking its place alongside Iron Moon, which was previously published in print by Print Media. Written by… Read More ›

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