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Albion: Looking back at Wildstorm’s “British Invasion”

As Rebellion rolls out more classic comic collections and gears up for the second Vigilant special from Simon Furman and Simon Coleby, Luke Williams looks back at earlier revivals of some British comic characters… Rebellion are receiving plaudits for reviving… Read More ›

Battle’s “Rat Pack” guest star in final issue of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite Resistance mini series!

Back in May, we reported 2000AD publisher Rebellion’s plans for Sniper Elite Resistance, a three-issue mini-series based on their games division’s bestselling World War Two game Sniper Elite, but for British war comic fans there’s now another reason to pick… Read More ›

This week’s Panel Borders: 2000AD alumni Colin Wilson and Jim Alexander interviewed

Starting a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, Alex Fitch talks to a writer and an artist about their work in and after 2000AD. Colin Wilson discusses getting his first work on the periodical and drawing Judge Dredd… Read More ›

British Comic Shop Releases (9th December 2014) – 2000AD clears the decks for all-new thrills!

  Here’s this week’s list of comics – both US and UK releases – on sale in specialist UK comic shops tomorrow, Wednesday 10th December 2014, courtesy of First Age Comics, Lancaster. We’ve picked out the titles published by British publishers in… Read More ›

Tube Surfing 6 July 2009: Scotch Corner, Harker, Tom Baker, Bodysnatchers and Cricket

• Those pesky Scottish creators are attempting another coup of downthetubes with a reminder that Scotch Corner, a collection of Scottish artists, is up and running. The fine team from north of the border include Thomas Crielly, Gary Erskine, Andy… Read More ›

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