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Opinion: When “Revenue Share” in our comics industry becomes Creator Exploitation

I am becoming increasingly concerned by the rising number of independent publishers professing to support our comic industry, on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, whose worthy ambition to promote comics is being marred by an apparent blind spot when it comes the reompense of creators.

Creating Comics: Awesome Comics Podcast interviews Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti

This week the Awesome Comics Podcast team are joined by the founder and publisher of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti, to talk about his journey in comics and what the publisher are trying to achieve in the modern publishing world. Founded… Read More ›

Creating Comics: The Making of Commando Comic cover No. 5193 – ‘Cold Steel’

Graeme Neil Reid recently joined the star studded list of cover artists for DC Thomson’s anthology – a list that includes Ian Kennedy, Neil Roberts and many, many more.  Here, he outlines how he created his most recent cover for… Read More ›

Crowdfunding Campaign promotion tips from “Killtopia” creator Dave Cook

Dave Cook – the writer of cyberpunk graphic novel Killtopia – recently offered some great creating comics tips on planning the promotion of your crowdfunding campaign on his Twitter, which he has kindly given us permission to repost on downthetubes…. Read More ›

Future of creating comics to be explored at free Cartoon Museum event this Saturday

London’s Cartoon Museum is to host an creating comics event entitled Sustaining Comics: What the Future Holds this Saturday. Join a host of comics professionals to explore the challenges of working in comics, the opportunities out there, and what the future might… Read More ›

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