Two Days back with Doctor Who – A Guest’s Eye View of Capitol IV

Doctor Who may be a worldwide phenomenon unlike any other today, but back in the 1970s, its fandom was small, although growing, and one organisation, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, was at the forefront of celebrating the BBC’s best-known science… Read More ›

Revealed – Untold Dalek History, in… DALEK! (What else could you call it?)

Comics author Cavan Scott (Doctor Who, Vikings) has revealed some details about DALEK, an untold history of the Doctor’s greatest foes, due for release from BBC Books later this year, co-written with George Mann and Justin Richards. “The book is… Read More ›

New Vworp! Vworp! a delight, features first ever Alan Moore interview about his Doctor Who comics

The amazing Vworp Vworp! Volume 3 zine – dedicated as ever to all things Doctor Who comics and related titles – may have been a long time coming, but it was well worth the wait, leading with Alan Moore‘s first-ever interview about… Read More ›

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