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Coming Soon, a new comics anthology for younger readers: Hotchpotch

Biomekazoik Press, the British independent comics publisher behind the digital comics anthology 100% Biodegradable, are working on a brand new quarterly comic anthology for younger readers, Hotchpotch, launching from  before the end of the year. Edited by David Hailwood, Hotchpotch… Read More ›

Digital anthology 100% Biodegradable offers stonking final issue, and a terrific new collection

After a five-year rampage in which over one hundred bloodthirsty creators cut a bloody swath through 100% Biodegradable’s hallowed halls, leaving 750 pages of comic strip carnage in their wake, the final issue of the digital anthology is upon us!… Read More ›

Penultimate 100% Biodegradable headlines a “Funguys” epic from Ian Edginton and Alan Burrows

The penultimate edition of the digital anthology 100% Biodegradable is out now on Comicsy and Drivethru, featuring 46 pages of sci-fi/horror for just 69p/$0.99. Editor David Hailwood will soon bow out on this great title, which has featured some terrific… Read More ›

Bigger, bolder and banging onto your radar – the new 100% Biodegradable, on sale now!

The latest issue of the ace digital comics anthology 100% Biodegradable – the biggest issue yet featuring a cover by Edward R. Norden – is available now from Comicsy! (Declared bias alert – I’m co-writer on “Skow Dogs” with editor… Read More ›

Meet “The Last Of The Navel Navigators”, a fun fantasy for kids of all ages (well, 9 and up!)

The Last Of The Navel Navigators, a new project from David Hailwood (editor of 100% Biodegradable and my co-writer on “Death Duty” and “Skow Dogs”), is out now! Featuring a cover by Brett Burbridge, the children’s book – a comedy… Read More ›

Sneak Peek: 100% Biodegradable Issue 17 – Switchblades and Skowdogs!

With Issue 17 of the digital anthology comic 100% Biodegradable nearing completion, here’s a preview of some of the strips appearing inside. In “Capsule” by Brian Pearlman and Armin Ozdic (with colours by Liam O’Connor and letters by Ken Reynolds)… Read More ›

New 100% Biodegradable revives “Rourke of the Radlands”, co-created by Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp

The latest issue of the ace British digital anthology 100% Biodegradable (Issue 16) is on sale now and of course I’m delighted to report it includes a very special re-presentation of “Rourke of the Radlands – The Wand” – a tale… Read More ›

SF adventure “Skow Dogs” and Alan Burrows “Switchblade”debut in all-new 100% Biodegradable,

Hot on the heels of the SF adventure “Death Duty” by myself, Dave Hailwood and Brett Burbridge in recent issues of digital anthology 100% Biodegradable comes another new story from the “WarWorldz” shared universe project – “Skowdogs“. In the WarWorldz universe, the once mighty… Read More ›

“Rourke of the Radlands” returns after years in the wilderness

The SF fantasy character “Rourke of the Radlands” co-created by myself, John Freeman, and Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp, first published in the largely creator-owned Marvel UK title STRIP, is about to get a new lease of life in the digital anthology… Read More ›

Crowdfunding Spotlight and Preview: Cognition Issue One by Ken Reynolds & Sam Bentley

Script and Letters by Ken Reynolds Art by Sam Bentley Edited by David Hailwood Pin ups by Rory Donald, Tom Mortimer, Dan ‘Guns’ Butcher, Andrew Pawley, Dan Harris and others to be confirmed for final print date. American Comics format… Read More ›

In Review – Sliced (Quarterly) Issue #3

Edited by Ken Reynolds Cover by Saffron Knight Featuring – Jon Laight (Brethren Born/Level 8 Comics), Rory Donald (Griff Gristle/Madius Comics), Ben Peter Johnson (Blythemporia), Kathryn Briggs (Dirty Rotten Comics), Simon Mackie, S.K. Moore (Macbeth GN), Maximilian Meier, David Hailwood (100%… Read More ›

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