Scream & Misty Special 2018 - Cover by Kyle Hotz SNIP

In Review: Scream & Misty Special 2018

WRITERS Alec Worley, Kek-W, Guy Adams, Jordi Badia Romero, Rich McAuliffe, Lizzie Boyle and Smuzz ARTISTS Frazer Irving, John Stokes, Leigh Gallagher, Simon Coleby, Dani, Steve Mannion, Jordi Badia Romero,Smuzz and Yishan Li COLOURISTS Len O’Grady and Barbara Nosenzo LETTERERS Annie Parkhouse, Jim Campbell and Simon Bowland COVER ARTISTS Kyle Hotz and Lenka Šimečková The Comic:Continue reading In Review: Scream & Misty Special 2018