Dermot Power

Flashback: The Dawn of Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” Project with Liam Sharp, Bryan Hitch and more

Before Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” characters first spread their wings in their first US format books and weekly British comic Overkill, Editorial Director Paul Neary and I put together a promotional booklet promoting the characters, printed on the office photocopiers,… Read More ›

Locus Award Finalists 2017 include MR Carey, Paul Cornell, Jo Walton

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation has announced the top ten finalists in each category of the 2017 Locus Awards. They include numerous British creators such as Stephen Baxter, MR Carey, Paul Cornell, Dermot Power, Alistair Reynolds, Charles Stross and Jo… Read More ›

Dobby to Dark Knight: Concept Artists in Action at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

  The Dark Knight Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Star Wars, the Harry Potter movies, Kingsman: The Secret Service… these wouldn’t achieve their box office successes without the genius of concept artists. So the Lakes International Comic Art Festival is pleased to be featuring four… Read More ›

First issue feast, Odhams titles and girls comics among ComPal auction’s latest offerings

    ComPal has just announced the lots for its May/June comics auction, which features what are likely to be some sought after lots of British comic first editions, artwork from The Eagle, 2000AD and TV Century 21 – and plenty… Read More ›

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