Digital Comics

Warner asserts copyright over early Captain Marvel appearances

There are a number of comic sites online quite legally republishing digital versions of comics now considered to be in the public domain, based on extensive research and sourcing original copies. One of them is the Digital Comics Museum – run by a team clearly determined to honour contested ownership when companies like Warner Bros. recently asserted rights over early appearances by the original Captain Marvel, first published by Fawcett

British Library partners with Universities on Digital Comics PhD projects

The British Library is collaborating with university partners to award PhD funding for four new doctoral research projects, starting in October 2019, two on digital comics. As we previously reported, the projects will be co-supervised by the British Library, offering… Read More ›

Digital publisher ComicFlix looks beyond licensed comics, to consumer market

ComicFlix, a digital publisher that has developed a tech-based solution to convert films into graphics novels, is looking to expand into the consumer business, building on its initial titles available on Kindle which include of The Mask of Zorro, Sherlock… Read More ›

Inksgiving – Tapas Comics annual campaign to support creators – returns tomorrow

Inksgiving, a 48-hour event dedicated to giving love and support to your favourite comic creators on the Tapas digital comics platform, will take place from tomorrow, Tuesday 20th November, 12.00am PST and end on Wednesday 21st November 21, 11.59pm PST…. Read More ›

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